I hope you have heard it in the news by now, what happened at the Americans For Prosperity “Hot Air” press conference last night.  It’s been all over the blogosphere, twitter, and traditional media outlets.  It was kind of important.

In short, we crashed it.  We OWNED it.  SustainUS developed the plan and executed it with about 20-30 other American youth taking part.  Basically, we caught wind of an climate change deniers’ conference being put on in the region.  Our grassroots committee organized a brief action around it, and we went undercover to the talks, dressed as the respectable adults we are.  Watch the video to find out what happened…IT WAS ON LIVE, TELECAST TELEVISION!!!

After the action, apparently there were only about 5 people left in the room.  I did not personally take part because I was pretty sure my pink hair would raise a red flag.  But I watched the results.  Oh how I watched the results.

Interested in more?  Here are some more resources:

  • Hilarious article by Americans For Prosperity.  We flew all the way over just to disrupt their conference, yes.
  • Newspaper article (based on our press release)
  • The Huffington Post’s article about Americans For Prosperity’s background
  • It’s Getting Hot in Here’s blog about our action!
  • Rachael’s notes on the event (also on It’s Getting Hot in Here)
  • On the blog Climate Progress: another look

The word is now that this footage might get sent to Glenn Beck–always an honor if that person uses you as a bad example.  I’m not sure I want my 15 minutes of fame to be Glenn Beck making fun of me and everything I stand for, though, so maybe just as well I didn’t stop in.

The fallout remains to be seen.  Calling someone “Hitler Youth”, especially a racially and ethnically diverse group, seems both desparate and highly inappropriate, however.  *GOLDEN*.