I just got out of a press conference with the Administrator Lisa Jackson and the head of our negotiating team, Dr. Jonathan Pershing.  It was a frank discussion, and strictly off the record, so I’m not sure how much I am supposed to repeat here.  Actually, I didn’t find anything especially noteworthy to report, except that the US youth delegation went in early, and we filled the room with our presence.  We asked a lot of questions, and they explained their stances very clearly and, I hope, honestly.  I wound up liking both Lisa Jackson and Dr. Pershing immensely.

I just wish I had gotten my picture with them.

This came at the end of a day spent at the Bella Center, mostly doing my own thing.  The one gripe I have–and I was told this would happen–is that I am so lost and confused all the time.  I never seem to know what’s going on, I’m always the last to know about things, and I’ve missed out on several events I really wanted to go to already!  It really makes me sad!  I think it’s a technology problem–I wanted a laptop soooo badly, but what I really should have gotten is a blackberry.  Everyone else has one, and that’s how they keep up to date.  Why am I always so backward?  I guess they’ll have to give me a Fossil of the Day Award.

Well, maybe I need to get some sleep.  I’ve got to be in like at 7 am tomorrow…which sucks.  I came in extra late today because of an unfortunate incident with a zinc vitamin.  I missed my mitigation meeting, and I get the sense they need my guidance…for instance, many in the group didn’t realize “emissions targets” are part of mitigation, and I get the sense that a couple of others would hijack the group to promote some radical agenda.  Others “get it”, but want youth to issue declarations on things about which the IPCC has no science.  The Youth are the moral conscience of the UN…and it is our job to hold the UN to its own standards.  How can we hold them to their own standards, if we use some other standard?  That’s what I ask. 

Sorry to bore you with my statesman talk.  It’s bedtime, Liz.