I guess now that I am Imago’s official correspondent, it behooves me correspond. 

Here’s some stuff I have done already:

  • Attended the Conference of Youth (COY)
  • Developed a working group on mitigation Policy
  • Helped write a speech for the Youth Constituency’s opening statement
  • Watched the opening speeches of 192 nations.
  • Gotten lost in Copenhagen
  • Beamed in the EPA’s press conference on regulating carbon emissions

The energy here is fantastic.  The UN’s COP15 in Copenhagen is literally going to be the most important event in history.  Even seasoned activists have told me that they have not seen anything like this before.  There is so much enthusiasm invested in this, so many people have come from every corner of the world, and 110 world leaders are scheduled to show up on the 18th.  When was the last time world leaders showed up for a conference?

The UN talks are here in the Bella Center, which you get to on the subway.   They had estimated that 15 000 attendees to this event, and the last I heard, they had accredited 35 000–that’s like the entire population of UC showing up to this!  In the end, they had to stop giving access to reporters after over 5000 of them showed up.  The funny thing is that the Bella Center, which is by far the most expansive, sprawling structure I have ever set foot in, only is built to hold the original 15 000, which makes it really hard to walk through the vast halls–people literally form currents, and you are liable to be swept away.

Everything is taken care of: 

  • Free wifi, skype, and webcams, and multiple computer access points
  • Free phones to rent
  • Free bikes to rent
  • Multiple computer access points
  • Free public transportation cards
  • Best of all reasonably-priced food.  I was warned the food would be overpriced, and it may still be, but it only costs about HALF of what the prices run around the city.  I will never eat outside the Bella Center again.

Right now, I’m sitting in the computer section, which consists of about 10 tables each containing 60 computers back to back, plus several tables for laptops.  Unlike our hostel, the Bella Center has provided free internet service for all 35 000 of us.  I seem to be across from someone who appears to be interpreting delegates’ speeches into Spanish.

I want to put up pictures everything, really soon, but first, I need to recharge the old camera.