I have still not been able to update this in any meaningful way and may be forced to scrap the blog altogether (it’s not like anyone reads it anyway).  The hostel, which has given us so much trouble already, has arbitrarily decided to sever the wi-fi connection, so that all of us who are depending on the internet to do our daily United Nations business are simply out of luck.  Unless, of course, we want to pay the the hostel to let us use their internet cafe.  Not a chance!  I payed these dirty bastards $600 to stay at this place while I save the world; the least they could do is act like I’m a paying customer. 

Speaking of paying customers, it has been in the news that the prostitutes are offering their services here for free.  You can laugh at it for a moment, but then let me tell you why it makes me angry.  Here I am, struggling to feed myself (I spent $15+ last night on an *extremely* mediocre plate of spaghetti–with orange marinara sauce!), sleep-deprived, struggling to find internet, stay warm, and deal with the sheer amounts of garbage THAT HOSTEL shoves daily down my throat; and these goons with their all-expenses paid, worry-free trip get free sex.  So while I’m fighting to save myself and the world, these assholes are out indulging themselves, FOR FREE.  Does this city have its priorities wrong or what??

Thanks Copenhagen, you just made my day a little worse.

I’d like to go into a little more detail about some of the wackier things I’ve done so far…like my $15 plate of spaghetti…but now I’m subject to time and space restraints with the internet.  There’s nowhere I can sit and relax and focus on my work.  I’m at the Conference of Youth right now, in the atrium of Copenhagen University, and everyone (all 1000 of us) for some reason are shouting at each other.  I can’t focus.  I’m up for an extended trip to visit my father in Britain about now…