Hello all.  I have been in Copenhagen all day; have not had the chance to update the old blog all week.  First I was in Washington DC, which was rather action-packed.  I would have written an entry, but it was literally too depressing.

I’m really tired right now and want to sleep.  But I will say a few words:

1.  I’m okay, and the flight was ok.  I slept somewhat on it.

2. Copenhagen is cold and grey.  Daylight comes  between the hours of nine and three.  Other than that, you can forget about the sun.

3. Everything is uber-expensive.  I spent about a fifth of my total budget just this first day.

4.  I am not impressed.  First, our hostel refused to let us check in before 2:00, and even then would not let us check in without the “group leader”.  They will not let us use the kitchen (OK–I’ll just continue to eat out at $10 per appetizer, or better yet, join the hunger strikers).  There’s nowhere to hang our stuff.  They charged one of us for the otherwise free internet.  Now they have decided they are no longer serving breakfast to us.  Here we are out to save the world, and this is the treatment we receive.  Thanks guys.  I’m not recommending you to anyone.

5.  Then, the UN informed us that SustainUS is not yet in their database–so we spent all this time and money going out to the conference center (which is currently a construction zone) only to be turned away.  Come back Sunday, they said, leading me to ask:  Why was this stuff not put in place a week ago?  And why are they still constructing the conference center??   UN FAIL.

I can’t wait to wake up early tomorrow, not get accredited, and not eat!