Um, guys?  Can we talk?

Yes, it’s about the money.

Now, after a very unfortunate incident in Dubai, I promised myself I’d be really good, and not bring up finances in polite society ever again.  But now it’s come down to this.  I’m sorry, but: 

  • I’m supposed to fundraise, and if I don’t do it, then I have to pay out of pocket.  In 4 months, I’ve somehow only raised about half of what I need for the conference. 
  • Not one, but TWO checks have mysteriously disappeared before they arrived at Treasury, one of which was my own mother’s.  That’s money that now I’m never going to receive!
  • I’ve been unemployed for over a year (try getting a job in a severe recession when you’re going to be gone all December!), my finances are IN SHAMBLES, and now I’ve got medical collections down my throat. 
  • I have less than two weeks to make up the difference
  • I’m posting this at 2 am because the problem is literally keeping me awake.

I’m going to be aggressively fundraising within  my community over the next one week, but no guarantees how much I’ll be getting.  I hate to sound like a PBS fundraising plea, but if you’re planning on chipping in, please do.  If you’re not planning to, do it anyway.  I’m not talking a hundred dollar contribution!  I’m talking five, ten dollars!!  A little morale booster, at least? 

Something to lift me from my fetal position?  

Donations are tax deductible.

The world hangs in the balance of this vitally important conference, and I’d really like to be able to show up to it!  Don’t let a lack of little green slips of paper prevent me!  Together, we can do it!  Right?