Today I gave the Copenhagen Process lecture at UC, and it was probably less boring than I was afraid it might be.  I gave the lecture in tandem with Mr. Gary Bramble, who works with waste management and will be attending the talks as well.  I’m enclosing a copy of my presentation below; feel free to download it, look at it, and use it for your own purposes.  You have my permission!

The Copenhangen Process

After we each spoke for about 20 minutes, we took questions.  It was a lot of fun, and I thank the folks in attendence for their presence.  The NewsRecord was there (these guys ROCK), and you can read about the event in this NewsRecord article. (My only beef with it is that the photo makes me look like a totally gross slob–which I am, though).

For now, I will mention that the Age of Stupid event, which I attended Monday evening, has also been written up in the campus newspaper.  Jeff, who I worked with on the 350 Day of Action, is quoted in the article and so am I!  It’s right here.

After the lecture, I met up with the UN “Seal the Deal” movement upstairs and added some petition signatures.  Thanks to all who signed!  If you have not signed yet, click here for your chance

I really enjoy this doing this stuff!  Keep it coming!