Oh my, it’s November, and that means I have one month–yes, a mere 30 days–left to complete my campaign.  It seems like it hasn’t even been 30 days since SustainUS called to notify me of my acceptance!!

But now I have to really ramp up my efforts prior to departure (which will likely be the first day in December).  I just spent the last several days contacting all of Cincinnati’s media, which entails sending off individual emails to hundreds of reporters and/or their news desks, then calling the next day to follow up: “Would you be interested in this story?…yes, I already sent it to you by email…yes, please check your inbox…thanks for your attention, I look forward to working with you on this!!”

It’s always good to start by sending off an email to the press, but then you need to follow up…and keep following up.  You’ve got to be really aggressive!  And shameless.

I’ve always known about this, but I’ve got a few observations specific to Cincinnati.  First, the newspapers are hard to penetrate.  I never seem to find a reporter, and I usually talk to a machine.  Second, AP Cincinnati likely does not have any interest in your story.  Their office is there to sydicate world news from Cincinnati, not syndicate Cincinnati to the world.  Third, the TV stations were incredibly receptive to me, and I nearly always spoke to someone enthusiastic.  So, look for me on the news!

November is also the final stretch in pressuring the Senate to bring climate legislation to a vote before Copenhagen.  I will be heavily involved with this as well, and I urge you to write your Senators to do the same.  I spent the better part of yesterday morning trying to print letters to Ohio Senators Voinovich and Brown–this job would have been much easier if my sister had not somehow deleted Microsoft Word from the computer so that I couldn’t paste, edit, and print off a document. (Katie, if you are reading this, I DEMAND YOU FIX IT.)  Finally, I had to put it all on a flash drive and print it out at my grandma’s house…But come on.   If I still managed to write my Senators a letter, so can you!!

I also spent about two hours figuring out how to make the donation button you see in the top right hand corner of my screen, so I hope you can make use of it!!

Lastly, they just told me that I somehow need to gather 500 petition signatures to put some added pressure on Obama.  Apparently, I was supposed to be doing this at the 350 Day of Action (…?) but the word never got through to me for whatever reason…and, in no uncertain terms, I really need those signatures, so please please PLEASE click on the little “Sign the Petition” button on the floating entry above  in order to help me out!!

I think that’s all for now.  My next few days will be rather packed as I combine these ongoing efforts with preparing SustainUS’s policy statement on mitigation and preparing for Power Shift Ohio, where I will be speaking this weekend.  I’ll probably come here to vent my frustrations.  See you then.