Oh man.  You will not believe where me.  I just got back from meeting with the UK Deputy Consul General from Chicago.  Emily, my supervisor at the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council, asked if she could forward my email address, and lo and behold! the British consulate got in touch with me–about my participation in the UN climate talks of course!

So, we met at Arnold’s (famous) Bar and Grill.  Our conversation ranged from Copenhagen to Ohio politics to what I want to do with my life, to life in the American and British Foreign Service–and something I hope to do next July.  After drinking beers (except I drank a Shirley Temple because I’m only 6 years old or something…AND I love grenadine) we headed towards Skyline Chili, which the guy at the consulate urged him to do because it’s just so Cincinnati.  And speaking of that, what trip to Cincinnati would be complete without having desert at Graeter’s Ice Cream?

Mr. Brammer was then kind enough to run me home, where I now sit curled around the laptop. He’s heading out to Columbus to meet with some people there, but I really hope we hear back from him and the UK Consulate at World Affairs Council!

I am now 10 pounds heavier, and I am a happy, happy girl.  This is the part about this job that I love.  Not the food–meeting cool people from around the world.  Talking to them.  Listening to them.  Explaining what I do.  Gaining key insights into the way the world works.  Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Brammer!!


And, as an aside, apparently the consulate heard about my name when searching for information on the Copenhagen talks this December–THIS is why I keep a blog!

And that’s how I feel about blogs in general.  I kept an extensive blog when I studied in Dubai as a Clinton Scholar, and though this was over two years ago, I still get folks writing in to me for advice!  Who knows, maybe Sheikh Mohammed himself has read it?  Lesson: ALWAYS KEEP A BLOG.