I just finished my main contribution to the 350 Day of Action in Cincinnati, namely, a huge banner with “350” on it in huge cloth-cut numerals.  The other side says, Day of Action Cincinnati–and it looks far more fabulous than my puny description here can demonstrate.  It’s genius!  The number cloth came from Saudi Arabia, the paints came from Wal-Mart.  I don’t know where the green sheet I painted it on came from, though. 

I would post a picture here, but I lost the recharger for my digital camera, and so it lies defunct on my nightstand.  Meh.  At least I have the greatest camera in the world to back me up!  It uses film, but it’s been with me to the ends of the earth!

Also, my friend Jeff, the real organizer of the Cincinnati 350, got another media hit–this time it is an editorial in CityBeat!  Take a look!  We’ll both be there!

I will also be distributing home-made literature on Me, SustainUS, and our Senators, which I spent last night cutting into the appropriate size until I cut my hand wide open with the scissors at 3am…!  It’s the sort of cut that could really use a stitch in it too…except I have no medical, ARGH!  My thanks go out to Mom, who finished cutting the stuff up this morning, but they do NOT go out to the US healthcare system.

Well, I’m all set for tomorrow!   I just need to practice the speech I am expected to give regarding my trip to Copenhagen, my mission with SustainUS, and my efforts in pressuring the US Senate.  Wish me luck!