So, tomorrow’s the big day.  Tomorrow, the planet-wide 350 Day of Action movement kicks off, and Cincinnati is part of it!  I’m sure you have read my other entries regarding this by now…if not, please check them out!

They will be taking place across the U.S.—there will be at least a thousand actions, and this is one of the best chances to raise awareness about science and the strengthening the climate bills on Capitol Hill. 

Bill McKibben, the founder of this movement, has been sending updates to organizers, and I am going to include some of the heartwarming facts here.  Here are some other actions going on around the world:

  • Think China is callously indifferent to environmental concerns?  You are wrong!!  There will be at least 300 rallies—events are planned at iconic locations like wind-turbine farms, coastal cities, and at melting glaciers.  And with the leading environmental groups, top Chinese websites, and famous universities on board, it’s got full support from top to bottom.
  • In Kenya, 350 Maasai children will perform a jumping dance, highlighting that for their pastoral lifestyle, climate change is already underfoot.
  • In Mexico City, thousands of students and citizens will form a giant 350 human banner visible from the air in the famous Venustiano Carranza Plaza.
  • Organizers in Sydney and Beijing are forming giant human 3’s, while activists in London and Delhi make huge 5’s, and citizens in Copenhagen and Quito form enormous 0’s, together making a global 350, a symbol of the need for all of us to work together.
  • And in terms of working across boundaries, it is good to know that students in occupied Afganistan and Iraq are hosting events; so are American soldiers.
  • And that’s not all–on the shores of the dwindling Dead Sea, Israeli activists will make a giant human 3 on their beach, Palestinians a huge 5 on their shore, and the Jordanians a 0 on theirs.

And on and on and on…after all, there are nearly 5000 of these events planned worldwide!

I hope I will see you at ours!  If they can do it, so can you.  So can we!