I earlier wrote about the necessity of fundraising, the full details of which are here.  I am required to fundraise for SustainUS to offset the cost of my trip, which I estimate to be in the area of ~$2000.

So far I have generated $95 via Facebook donations, and have had several people send in checks in unknown quantities.

I really need to ramp up the pace–I’m looking into painting henna tattoos at Findlay Market, and writing grants, but most of the contributions will come from private citizens like yourself.  I got 800 hits on this blog within the last 30 days–what if each hit had generated just one dollar?  Well, I’d be halfway to my goal, that’s what!!

So can you chip in $1, or $5, or $10 today?  The planet depends on it!

Click here for instructions: SustainUS’s Donation Page.  It is also possible to send checks!