Now that PowerShift has been postponed two weeks, I am putting my full force behind the international 350 Day of Action.  I have been asked a lot about this in recent days, but since it hasn’t traditionally been my domain, I don’t have a spiel worked out for it.  I am going to invent one right here:

First, 350 means 350 parts per million (ppm), and it refers to carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules.  Science says that we need to keep our atmosphere’s carbon count to 350 ppm or less to prevent catastrophic climate changes.  Small problem:  we are already at 387+ ppm, and counting. 

So, this is the second part: the 350 Day of Action.  The concept of 350 ppm is fairly new science, and, unsurprisingly, not too many people know about it yet.  This is what Our Action is all about: Generating awareness and entering this number into public discourse.  The event is not a phenomenon that is confined to the USA–in fact, it is a worldwide movement, with events taking place 157+ countries.  Everyone uses the same number system, so 350 is recognizable in any country (props for Arabic numerals!!).  So it can truly become a universal symbol of solidarity, urgency, and possibility for the planet we share.

We are having an event right here in Cincinnati.  My friend and co-activist Jeff is coordinating it, and I am helping.  One thing I will be doing is speaking about my trip to Copenhagen this December–what it means to us as a country, what it means to us as a planet, and what American citizens can do educate themselves and ensure that my trip there will not be a major embarrassment because the Senate has not passed a bill.  So you better be there!

You know this was an international phenomenon, though, because the creators of this event forgot to factor in one thing: Homecoming.  The 24th is Homecoming for many local colleges, including the University of Cincinnati.  It makes me sad, but I suspect involvement with 350 will thus be greatly diminished…in fact, I’m sitting in the corner weeping tears at this point!  If only our future was important as Homecoming, right?

Well, if you hate homecoming events, I hope you can show up to Cincinnati’s 350 Day of Action.  Even if you don’t, I still hope you will show up for at least part of it.  Or at least, I hope that my readers, even just one of you, somebody, somewhere, will give me hope that the future generation cares about a safe and stable existence more than they care about football and getting drunk. 

Resist the temptation to post snide replies about my naivete.  And wipe that smirk off your face!  It’s really breaking my heart…


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