So, what fun stuff did Liz do today in her quest to raise awareness about Copenhagen, COP15, and the environment?

It doesn’t sound very exciting to talk about.  But for the record…I met with UC’s Student Coordinator for the President’s Advisory Council on Environment & Sustainability.  Apparently, they want me to give a lecture to UC’s Climate Commitment 101 lecture series, shortly before Copenhagen to explain the process.  Oh my, Liz Trombley, but the tables have turned, haven’t they?  For the first time YOU will be the one giving the lectures at UC!!

In the evening, I met with UC’s student environmental group, LEAP.  It was hard for me to make initial contact with them–as I told you, the university is inpenetrable, and I had to get the information from Scott of the Energy Action Coalition.  Mostly, Scott and I pushed PowerShift, which I know will be awesome.  I also tried to involve the group in the grand plans for the international 350 Day of Action.  Thumbs up to the awesome individuals in this group who are so eager to work on this issues.

Well, Thursday is International Blogging Day of Action, and I will probably write a few more posts for that.

Hooray for making a difference!