You’ll never guess where I was this weekend: West Virginia.  Well, maybe that’s predictable of me–climate activist, coal, Appalachia, West Virginia, you know.  The thing is, I wasn’t even trying to be in West Virginia. I was trying to be in Athens.  My friend and associate Max mistakenly drove us there after following Route 52 instead of Route 50/32.  Epic MapQuest FAIL.

We had to spend 3 hours fixing this failure.  That, and we locked the keys in the car trying to come home and then spent the better part of an hour trying to break in with a coat hanger and a knife, until Max called Triple A and I went into Jenina’s house and ate food.

So between the time we got horribly lost in Huntington WV and the time we discovered the keys were locked safely in the car, what were we doing on the far side of Ohio, you ask?

You must know: we were attending a planning retreat with OSEC (Ohio Student Environmental Coalition).  No, I am not a student.  But I want to be as involved as possible with PowerShift Ohio, and OSEC wants me to speak at one or more of the workshops, so I attended the retreat for 48 intense hours.

You also must know: the Ohio PowerShift has been postponed till November 6-8. You see, October 24th happens to be the 350 Day of Action, which coincided with the week of the Ohio PowerShift.  This was intended to rally the participants to action…but it became increasingly clear that we needed BOTH of these events to make a maximum impact.

Which means…now I can participate in the Cincinnati 350 Day of Action AND PowerShift!   Tonight, I celebrate the best of both worlds.