It is like trying to walk through a brick wall: I have been trying somewhat unsuccessfully to initiate UC and the larger community to the joys PowerShift and/or the 350 Day of Action taking place in a couple of weeks. 

I want to tell you, I have learned that email is a fairly useless invention in terms of contacting people.  You need to pick up a telephone and talk to them–even then, I seem to mysteriously get voicemail a disproportionate amount of time.  I have found that it is most effective to walk in and demand their time with your presence. 

But what is it, really?  Am I saying something revolutionary? “Fun events coming up, please spread the word.”  It takes a mere mouseclick to forward it!

So, person-to-person contact and word-of-mouth seems to work best.  The problem that arises here is that I have to introduce myself as an advocate for a sustainability youth movement who is going to Copenhagen this December to attend the United Nations climate talks.  Simply by stating my position, I open myself up for controversy: “Oh, I don’t really believe in that stuff.”  My mere existence has become objectionable for some–no one asks me how I got involved, or what it is exactly I am advocating.  They simply make assumptions because the words “sustainability” or “climate” are used.  I never mention my politics or my beliefs about the world–but that’s okay, because if I mention sustainability or climate I clearly subscribe to some “socialist” eco-fanatic ideology.

Way to make assumptions, fellow citizens.  FAIL.