I have not done a lot about my climate efforts this week, guys.

One thing I did do, however, was to go to the News Record (UC’s student newspaper–for whom I was a cartoonist for four years) and pitch my story to them.  I have already sent off mass press-releases to news organizations around Cincinnati, after which I was supposed to follow up with a phone call.  I found, however, that visiting during a quiet period and meeting in person was much more effective, and I would recommend this as a strategy for future delegates, assuming they live anywhere near the news agency in question.

So, this week, I have to talk to City Beat and the Enquirer, I suppose.  And possibly the TV stations as well.  And Cincinnati Public Radio, for whom I myself have interviewed officials from State Dep’t…irony. 

That said, I should really be more on top of things!  Cincinnati’s 350 day of action starts in less than 3 weeks, and we are still working out the details of that.  PLUS the Ohio Powershift starts the same weekend, and I am as yet uncertain which I will need to attend more.  Not to mention an awareness rally that is still in the works–that’s in less than TWO weeks.

Trombley!  Get moving!!