I should have mentioned this before:  This week (20-26 September)  is CLIMATE WEEK.  Special efforts are underway to raise awareness regarding climate change.  One such event, as I earlier discussed, was The Age of Stupid’s premier in NYC which was telecast around the world.  And today, there was a major UN assembly in preparation for Copenhagen as well, in which SustainUS’s UNGA video is supposed to have been featured. 

So too are there major events happening in Washington DC.  Best of luck to my teammates who are coordinating action there

This Thursday and Friday (24-25 Sept), the G-20 meets in Pittsburgh.  And, well, since Pittsburgh is not too far from Cincinnati, I will be there.  GONNA CRASH THE G20!! 

Just kidding.  I’m not that radical.  I’m a diplomat, a politician!  That’s why I’m going to negotiate at COP15 this December, rather than throw things at police and get teargassed.  Those people get laughed off by the press, but I much prefer to have a civilized discussion behind the scenes.  Still, I wanna see the G20.  Kyle says he has VIP tickets for the Andy Warhol museum, and so I’m very much looking forward to that.

Next stop, Pittsburgh!

NB, the start of Climate Week marks 70 days before Copenhagen.  WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!