I got an email from my friend and fellow climate activist Jeff this morning, which had been sent to him by Franny Armstrong, who apparently is the director and co-creator of the Age of Stupid.  I hope she will not be upset if I reproduce some of her message here, because it just floored me.

Read these fun facts and you can see that this is truly a global phenomenon–and the sense of solidarity that arises is truly inspiring.

Take a look:

“- Hankies at the ready…  Zimbabwe sold all 250 tickets to their premiere and as the ticket price included the cost of planting a tree, 250 saplings are going in next week. They’re thinking of calling it the Not Stupid Forest.

– Helsinki, Paris, London, New York and almost every cinema seat across the Netherlands has sold out. Though New York has just moved Stupid to the biggest screen in Union Square, so there are 100 new tickets up for grabs as of a few hours ago. Boston has 17 left.

– Rome sold out three screens in just two days (they were latecomers to the party) and are trying to get one more cinema.

– Screenings are now confirmed in Palestine and Israel…  please, no more emails….  we’re trying to fix climate change….

– Madagascar and Israel have confirmed, which takes the total number of countries up to 63, even with Nigeria pulling out (see below). Looks like the global audience will be around one million people. And quite a few TV stations are getting in touch wanting to broadcast the whole shebang later.

– The Nigerian government waded in and pulled the plug on our Lagos screening. Funnily enough they didn’t like the way they were depicted in the film, destroying villages, siphoning off the oil money and allowing illegal  gas flares.”

(Well, if the shoe fits…)

(Sorry, I have my issues with all things Nigerian.  If Nigeria opposes, that’s a good thing.  Nigeria is the Glenn Beck of nations…read the factoid below, and you’ll get the joke I just made.)

“- Glenn Beck is being very rude about our film, but we don’t believe he even watched it as surely he would have noted that he is in it.  (Funny Facebook response: Beck didn’t like this new film, therefore, it must be GREAT. I’m going.)

– Think we just got our best ever review in the San Francisco Bay Guardian: “The film’s opening sequence begins with the big bang and hurtles via countdown clock through billions of years, flying past the earliest stages of evolution, past dinosaurs, past the industrial revolution, and past the present day, the titular Age of Stupid, so fast that we barely have time to notice ourselves on the screen before it’s 2055, the Age of Too Late. The message: in the grand scheme of things, we have about a nanosecond left….”

– Or maybe this one’s even better, in Wired: “the urge to do something immediate is palpable and powerful

So what are ya waiting for?  Come see the movie already!!  The whole world’s gonna be there!  

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