Age of Stupid presents the inevitable

The Age of Stupid depicts a future in which most of London is underwater.

So, part of my job as a SustainUS delegate to Copenhagen is to proselytize about various upcoming events.  One in which I will be participating…or at least VIEWING…is the Age of Stupid world premier.

The Age of Stupid is an independent film about one man who travels to 2055 only to discover how the world has been destroyed.  (By global climate change, of course).  And he asks the question–why didn’t humanity do something while we had the chance?

And I tend to agree with that question, which is why I AM doing something about it.  There’s not a lot I can do…I’m just an unemployed college grad struggling with depression issues…but I’m trying to chip in in my own little way by attending the talks in Copenhagen this December. 

You see, I am a selfish person.  I don’t want anyone or anything to mess with my well-being.  To put it plain, I don’t want to die in a terrible world.  I don’t want my hypothetical children to die in a terrible world.  I don’t want anyone to die in such a world.  ANYONE.

So, if you’re wondering what kind of terrible world I am referencing, please come see the film.  It will be aired THIS MONDAY (Sept 21st) in most locations, including yours.  You may find out everything you never wanted to know about the film here, and you may read a phenomenal article about the magnitude of this event here.  Also, to cut to the chase, here are the listings by country and date.

This is set to break a world record for the largest simultaneous screening of any film in history.  It’s likely going to be all over the news.  Come be a part of it!!

Cincinnati folks–it’s showing at Springdale theater.  I intend to be there, and I want to see you there too, so buy your tickets today!!