So, now that you know some stuff about my mission, I want to make available the option of donation.

That’s right!  I’m an unemployed college grad living off my rapidly diminishing life savings, and I can’t get to Copenhagen without your support!  My goal is to raise ~$2000 to cover the costs of the plane ticket, lodging, meals, etc. for my time at the conference.

Any amount will be accepted.  I know times are hard, but if each reader gave me just $5, the matter would be solved within the week!

Don’t worry, I’m not an unscrupulous person!  I’m not going to set this up so that you’re just mailing me free money–you don’t have to donateto me at all.  Instead, donate ON MY BEHALF to SustainUS.  Specify that your contribution is for “Liz” .  Click here to do it!

Checks can also be made out to SustainUS (AGAIN, SPECIFY THAT THE DONATION IS ON MY BEHALF) and mailed to:

Peter Stolarski, Treasurer
c/o SustainUS
675 Lakeview Pkwy
Vernon Hills, IL, 60061-5700

And if you click here, you will see some more ways to support SustainUS.  PLEASE check it out!

Just Donate!!

Thanks for your support!!